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Dunjin Dunjin

Rated 3 / 5 stars

the frustration of dungeon without the aha moment

as one of the creators of the original "dungeon" upon which this is based, i sort of don't really think this works. in the original, the entire concept of the game was framed as a "tragedy" (as it was part of a "tragedy" competition), with a meta-tragedy being created in the discussion of the game, as a result of the twist (the game playing differently on different computers, causing misunderstandings and contention between players).

with neither the element of tragedy nor a place for discussion about the game to occur (which was what made the original dungeon a worthwhile experiment), the twist kind of just falls flat, doubly so because it's exactly the same concept and graphic wise as the original game.

basically what you get instead is a game that's got all of the frustrations of the original "dungeon," but none of the things that made people appreciate the trick afterwards -- leaving you with more or less a huge "fuck you" to your players.

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Banack responds:

Now that I think about it, you're right. If I'm basing this game off of another, it should somehow tie in with the original concept. Thanks for you input, rating and Dungeon. :)